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Facebook ads for local service providers

If you are a local service provider (Doctor, dentist, counselor or even gym owner) do Facebook ads work well to get new customers?

You have probably been targeted by Facebook ads telling you that an ad with a form is a great idea. I am going to tell you what we are seeing currently.

Do Facebook ads work

Facebook ads are a great way to get new customers, but you need a strategy. Doing a boosted post or most of the time a form ad is a horrible strategy.

Facebook ads

Ads case study

Amanda is a gym owner and came to me for help with her Facebook ads. Previously, she had run form ads and had little success.

When we talked, I told her that people looking for help losing weight need to connect with the gym and/or coach.

Our strategy was a free video where they could see someone using the machine, meet “normal” people who had success, and get to know the person who would be coaching them.

Furthermore, we scripted the video and I created a simple landing page that gave them access to the video, and we did 2 follow-up videos. We made sure our creative was eye catching and helped them see hope.

In a town of 200,000 we had over 1200 people sign up for the email, and she ended up seeing 200 people make appointments to visit the gym.

Crucial parts of Facebook ads

  1. Your creative and copy have to speak directly to them. You want to talk directly to the person you want. We didn’t use a super skinny person, we used a “normal-looking woman” who people could relate to.
  2. Put a pixel on the landing page. You want to track who is landing. I have a form I use to track results and a system taught by Adrienne Richardson that helps us know which ad is doing the best.
  3. Make changes based on data, not emotion. Look at your data and the key things that measure success vs turning ads on and off. There is a learning time with Facebook ads as Facebook serves your ads to people.

A typical customer journey

For Most, people need to trust a service provider from either a friend’s recommendation or by seeing and hearing them. If you are simply putting out information and not nurturing them, there is NO Facebook ad that will get you amazing results.

Get some suggestion

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