How often should you Pin on Pinterest

Pinterest has changed a ton of the past few years. They have realized that people search for products and services on their platform. They are there to answer the questions you ask on Google.

Your business should be on Pinterest if you have a product or service you can either ship or do digitally. Local business owners who don’t ship don’t need to focus on Pinterest.

Let’s talk about how often you should pin on Pinterest and what you should be pinning on Pinterest.

How often you should pin on Pinterest

I love the Simple pin media podcast. That team eats and breathe Pinterest. They recently shared a podcast where they tested how many pins to do daily on Pinterest. You can hear the entire podcast HERE.

If you have products, you want to share the products with simply a picture of that product and a link to your shop. Make sure your shop is connected to Pinterest. I would pin 2-3 products daily. You can schedule those using Tailwind or on Pinterest.

You also want to pin blog posts highlighting your products. Remember that people are searching specific questions. For example, at Christmas, they might search Stocking stuffers for teens. Lead them back to a blog post with info and products.

You will want to write a blog post weekly, if not more, and create 5 pins for each blog post. Add them to a different board and make sure you use different colors, fonts etc. DO NOT pin the same pin again and again. Your account could get shut down.

Let’s use our example again above. You can create boards for Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers, teen gifts etc. Make sure and do your keyword research and then pin those.

What types of pins should you do

You want to do static pins 8-10 daily depending on the number of products you have and 2 idea pins weekly.

Idea pins can be multiple pictures or even a video. Canva is a great resource to map it out and then download. Let’s take our idea above of a Christmas stocking stuffer for teens. An idea pin would have the topic on picture 1 and then pictures of products you offer.

Next steps

If you need help figuring out what steps to take in your business, I offer a 1-hour strategy session. You can get additional information here.

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