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Social Media is killing businesses

As we started our Zoom call, the first words out of her mouth were how frustrated she was. “We have over 3,000 followers on Instagram and zero sales”.

As I listened to her, I felt her pain. She was like so many small business owners I coach. Relying on social media for sales is a problem, no one is addressing.

People Google when purchasing

The last time you were looking for a new swimsuit or a plumber to fix a leak, you didn’t head to Instagram or Facebook. You googled Plumber near me or best swimsuit to slim your waist.

You then either call someone local like a plumber, and for clothing you either find a store nearby or visit a website. Likewise, you might ask on Facebook who people recommend, but many times you have already Googled a few names.

Does a local business need social media?

Yes, they need social media for brand awareness. People will check out the profiles and honestly see if they are trustworthy and active.

This helps when you show up in Google, they will remember seeing your pictures and shop with you. Brand awareness is part of this equation to more sales.

So back to my business owner on the Zoom call. When we optimized her Google business page and got her some blog posts that answered questions, her sales increased. I even have her repurposing pictures on various platforms.

She is no longer frustrated and has a written plan she and her workers follow to reach people who are actively shopping for their products and services.

In my next article, I will be talking about the key things that drive sales for local businesses. Stay tuned.

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