Your local business needs a Pinterest account

One of the factors that help you rank higher than your competitors is your business showing up in SEO. Social media doesn’t do that, but a Pinterest account does

If you ship items or see clients online, there are also benefits to having an active account. Let’s explore this a little.

Pinterest account

What your Pinterest account needs

As you set up your account, make sure you have your business name, boards that match the categories you want to show up for and pins that showcase your business.

Let’s do a practical example. You can watch the video below as I walk you through it.

How often should you pin?

If you don’t ship or see people online, then you don’t need to update pins but 1–2 times monthly. I do recommend blogging to help you rank higher than your competitors (included in my Google Business Profile management services)

If you do ship or see clients online, you will want to schedule 1–2 pins daily (M-F). You can pin your product, but you also want to include information blog posts. Let’s talk about that in the video below and see an example and how to schedule.

This will definitely help you rank higher than your competitors. If you wish to know how you rank vs your competitors, start with getting your profile optimized.

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