You have a course, product or service and you are already seeing some success, but you want to serve more people. What would be your next step to get in front of your ideal client/customer? You need a digital marketing strategy. You need to know your next step.

Your Digital marketing strategy matters

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Have ran Facebook ads and the results were not spectacular
  • Posting on Social Media is exhausting, and you are frustrated with your results
  • You have a website but not sure how that gets customers daily
  • You would say you are stuck or confused (you actually aren’t, and I will show you why)

Tap into my superpower

God has given me this ability to tap into your business and see your next step. What should you be focusing on. Not a bunch of busy work but intentional, purposeful steps that drive people to you.

What the audit includes

  • Looking at your business and getting some ideas in my head
  • A 15-minute call to discuss how to grow your business and what I would recommend as your first step,

Honest talk

I love creating detailed strategy plans and walking with you for a month as you implement each step. I will offer you that option after we talk, BUT it’s 100% optional. You pick my brain for free for 15 minutes and then decide. You won’t hurt my feelings if you decide not to. I love meeting new people and encouraging people and using the gift God has given me.