How to increase your blog traffic

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic

If you landed here, you want to increase your blog traffic. Whether you are stuck at a monthly amount of sessions or brand new to blogging, If I asked you the goals of blogging, I have no doubt you would tell me.

Growing your blog traffic isn’t rocket science, but sometimes the advice in groups is so wrong. Let’s look at the formula I use to grow blogs. It works when you do it consistently.

Blog Category

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Google is looking for you to be an expert. In general terms, that means they want to see a cluster of posts that fit into a category. A couple of things your blog category needs:

  1. Good search volume
  2. Lower Keyword difficulty
  3. 10-12 keywords that would fit into that category

Here’s an example:

If I am a quilting blog, my category would be Barn Quilts. I would then write 10-12 posts that cover this topic thoroughly. I am not going to add in another type of quilt or sewing machine review because that doesn’t cover the topic.

When I do a website audit, I give you 1-2 categories to focus on and 10 keywords to write posts on. This keeps you focused.

You don’t have to do your keyword research, you simply run a custom report in RankIQ and write your posts. You can even to the basis of the post using KoalaAI.

Blog Posts

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So you have your category, so now it’s time to find blog posts that will get traffic. I love using RankIQ because he gives you all the keywords to use, but I also love running custom reports.

I use Keysearch to find my keywords. Your blog posts should include:

  • Search volume of 320 or more monthly
  • Lower KD (keyword difficulty)
  • Should answer the question they are searching for quickly. The days of long drawn-out blog posts are done.
  • Your H2 and H3 should be strong keywords

Blog Traffic

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It takes Google months to send organic traffic to your well written blog post. You can help them send you more traffic using these tactics:

  • Do a Google Web Story to help drive traffic
  • Do a Pinterest pin with the Pinterest keyword that coordinates (this is different a lot of times)
  • If budget permits, run a Pinterest ad or Facebook traffic ad to help get some traction for a week
  • Post in forums like Reditt if it answers the question and people are searching on those forums

Email Marketing

Finally, from the very beginning create an email list. Your opt-in should be very specific and not a general subscribe.

I have a training that walks you through the steps to find your category, posts to write and digs deeper into traffic and email marketing. You can pick that up below.

What’s included in the blog success roadmap:

  • How to find your category for the month
  • How to find keywords to write on that fit into your category
  • How to drive traffic to your posts
  • Email marketing overview

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