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Google Web Stories: Powerful way to Boost Website Traffic !

Just like every platform on the web, Google is using video stories to draw people in and take them to learn more. Google web stories are a great way to drive traffic to your website or products

Where do Google web stories appear?

Google web stories are mobile-only and appear in searches for specific keywords. For example, if you search for how to make a Pot Holder, you might see this Web story from Nana Sews.

As you watch this, you will see that you must go to the website to get the full instructions like measurements etc. The goal of a Google Web Story is to intrigue and move to action.

Google Web Stories’ best practices

Google wants people to spend more time on their platform, so a Google web story is simply the appetizer to a good story.

The key components are like parts of a book: The cover, introduction, and story.

The cover will have your keyword title and the introduction tells them what they will learn or see and finally, the story provides them with enough information to want more.

Do Google web stories work with all niches?

The answer is yes. If you can tell a story, have a website they work. I have worked with food bloggers, arts/crafts websites, local businesses, e-commerce businesses, and even service providers.

The key is having the right keyword being searched and mapping out a good story that makes consumers want to click for more.

How often should you post a Google Web Story?

I would say minimum you should post 15 monthly but ideally, you should be posting 2-4 daily. It takes a little bit to see your story show up after indexing in Google Search Console, but when you are consistent, you should see traffic explode.

I have never seen this type of traffic for any website as a social media manager without ads. In the past 28 days, Nana Sews has received over 18,000 website clicks on a brand-new blog (35 posts at the time I write this)

I have seen even better results with an established blog that was already receiving traffic.

How to do a Google Web Story

I have put together a workbook that walks you through step-by-step, or I can simply do them for you. I talk about the workbook in my services below.

Step 1: Map out your story

Mapping out the parts and photos you want to use, helps the creation part go quicker.

Step 2: Use the Story plugin and create your story using the checklist

My workbook is a checklist that helps you not skip any steps and shows you in pictures and arrows step-by-step how to create them

Step 3-Review and publish

It’s always a good idea to review your story before you publish. Ask yourself, it this click-worthy and are there any grammar or spelling errors I need to fix

Step 4: Add to Google Search Console

Don’t rely on your site map. Instead, manually add it.

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Examples of a Google Web Story

Here are a few examples to show you stories.

Watch it HERE

Google Web Story help

The workbook is the nuts and bolts of HOW to create your web stories. The workshop walks you through how to do keyword research, the best way to lay out your stories, and a bonus video on how to rank faster with blog posts.

Workbook + Workshop

Here’s what’s included:

Monthly Keywords $125

We work together to find the blog posts that need traffic. You get 32 keywords monthly. You can stop the service anytime with a 1 week’s notice before the next billing cycle

Done for you Google Web story

As a Google Web story strategist and creator, I love partnering with you.

  • I look at your posts, ranking and keywords and create your web stories.

If you want done for you services, please fill out the form below. I will send a link to schedule a 20-minute get-to-know-you meeting after reviewing your website.

Services start at 32 web stories done monthly for $499

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