Google Web Stories workshop

Whether you are creating your first web story or your 100th, this workshop is for you. Here’s what to expect from the 3 videos:

What’s included in the 3 videos

Day 1:

  • What are web stories?
  • How many do you need to be creating weekly?
  • Which posts do you promote in the 4th quarter?

Day 2:

Keyword research (How to find keywords, What’s working now)

Day 3:

Create your web story (watch as I create one from start to finish)

All videos are around 30 minutes of teaching, and you can ask your questions via email or in the Facebook group


Is your workbook included? No, but you can upgrade and get the workbook with a bonus of 3 keywords suggested for your website.

Cost of Workshop

$15 or upgrade with the workbook for $42 for both, with a BONUS

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