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Easy Internal Linking 101 For Bloggers

Have you ever heard people say in a Facebook group you need to have internal linking? But why is that important and more importantly how do you do that?

Today we are going to cover internal linking and answer your questions, give you practical examples and an assignment to implement it.

SEO Internal Linking

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Internal linking is a signal to Google that these posts go together to answer the user’s questions. Let’s give an example to show you. Let’s say I want to learn a new hobby, and so I decided to learn to crochet.

What questions would I have? I went to the craft store and wow was it overwhelming with all the choices, so I did what everyone else does, I Googled.

Here might be the questions I would have:

  • Which yarn do I need
  • Which hooks do I need
  • What project is the easiest for a beginner
  • How do I crochet

When you cluster the information about a blog category, which I talk about in the blog traffic post, you will get traffic from Google because you have answered all the questions they have.

You are the expert on teaching someone all they need to know to begin crocheting. Does that make sense?

It can be for any subject and anything you would find on the world wide web. Whether it’s a health issue like knee pain or trying to figure out how to cook your chicken healthier in the air fryer.

Maybe it’s all about a city we are taking a vacation to. We all have questions we need answered.

Internal Linking

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It’s not as simple as simply writing the posts with great SEO, you have to show that these posts are connected and connected to the category.

Internal linking is simply saying now that you have learned this, you will want to learn XYZ. Take them step by step. It takes strategy to do this and if that isn’t your superpower check out my website audit for help.

If you want to learn all about beginner crocheting, here is all the information you need and a link to your category.

It’s not hard, but you do have to be intentional. I cover all of this in the blog success roadmap

  1. how to find your categories (super important for blogging)
  2. How to find keywords for your posts that go with your category
  3. How to get more traffic (Google web stories, Pinterest and Email)

Blogging Tips

I love seeing you implement so now it’s your turn. Walk through this exercise and make sure and share it in my Facebook group. It’s a great place to get feedback Tuesdays and Thursdays on your blog.

  • Pick a category you want Google to send you traffic for
  • What questions or information would they want
  • Do your keyword research and find 10-12 posts that answer the questions or give info
  • Get to writing

What’s your takeaway from this exercise and learning about internal linking? I love using Link Whisper as a tool. It finds possible links from other posts to your content and lets you easily link that.

Speaking of favorite tools, here are some of mine that make blogging easier. Remember they are just tools. Your blog posts still need a human touch.

Blogging Tools


Gives you all the keywords and shows you the competition. Helps you optimize your blog posts for all the keywords your competition is using.

Koala AI

Ai is here to stay and it doesn’t replace your experience and voice. It does write a blog post in about 5 minutes and is a great basis for a post.

When you use my affiliate link reach out with your receipt and I will give you my cheat sheet on how to use Rank IQ and Koala to write posts that rank well.

Keysearch (what I use for keyword research)

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