Pinterest Keywords: Get More Website Traffic

When you open your analytics in your Pinterest business hub you see impressions and that number looks impressive, but it’s such a vanity metric that it won’t get more traffic to your website.

Maybe you took a course for $99 or $199 that showed you outdated strategies because they have been on Pinterest since the beginning, and they aren’t testing the strategies daily in clients’ accounts.

Let the madness stop. We are going to show you how in easy steps to:

  • Optimize your profile (video 1)
  • How to find Keywords and the 4 places those keywords must go (video 2)
  • How to track your results and talk about UTM codes to track results in G4. (video 3)
Pinterest keywords

You will walk away with simple-to-follow strategies to make Pinterest work for you. To see your growth in Analytics from Pinterest and see your traffic increase, you can get on an ad network or get paid more from your ad network.

PS. You will also get all your questions answered and as much feedback as you need in my Facebook group.

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