Make sure and watch each video as they build on each other. If you have any questions, please post that in the Facebook group or email me

Video 1: The basics of Google web stories

Homework and Key points:

  • Use search console or your own judgment and pick 10-12 blog posts to promote next month
  • Decide how you will track your web stories to track (Google Doc, Google Sheet)

Video 2: Keyword Research

Your homework is to take your posts and find 2–4 keywords per blog post. If you want to use use the code DNW30 for 30% off monthly. Post your homework in the Facebook group if you want some feedback

Video 3: Create your web stories

Homework: Create a story. If you want me to review it before you index it, post it in the FB group.

Bonus: How to keyword research blog posts

Monthly Help:

Get help with your keywords along with a monthly strategy to help you grow your blog:

Monthly accountability is $27 monthly and includes:

  • Monthly strategy for growth based on your blog
  • Workbooks for email, FB ads, YouTube available
  • Review of your keywords for Google web stories and posts M-F via Facebook Group
  • Submit questions and they are answered M-F in the Facebook group