Hi, I’m Connie. My superpower is twofold. First, I can look at your business and give you a simple strategy to grow your income and to tell you step by step what pieces need to be in place.

Secondly, I can put the pieces in place for you. No need to hire a ton of “gurus” to help with each piece. I can put your pieces together. A few of my favorite things to do:

  • Manage Google Business profile
  • Create Email opt-in and write emails
  • Create a YouTube strategy and write out your outline and description
  • Create Social Media plan and/or posts to get you seen
  • Design vertical videos for YouTube shorts, Reel, Pinterest idea pins

Services I have provided

Nana sewing (online sewing tutorials)


  • Blog setup and blog posts written
  • YouTube set up with video content mapped out and edited
  • Amazon set up and approved
  • Etsy store set up
  • Google stories created with traffic created

Loreann Ranee (Massage therapist)

  • Website www.loreannranee.com
  • Email opt in (can be seen on her website)
  • Outlined YouTube channel
  • Managed Google Business profile, increasing appointments by over 400%
  • Created easy to follow strategy to market her business

MukeWater Outfitters : Online and Brick and Mortar Boutique for men

  • Created Facebook ad for email opt in
  • Created social media content plan
  • Email opt in created
  • Website created (ruggedrefinedmen.com)

Tiny Herd Boutique

  • Email opt in created
  • Pinterest pin templates created
  • Facebook ad mapped out

I have created content for social media for some of the largest bloggers and online businesses. Their income and presence on social media increased year after year.

Want to know what I would suggest for your business?

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